We develop your
containerization strategy.

Datumcon helps in organizing, developing, and implementing application containerization strategy.

New Technology, Consolidated Trust

The new technologies and updates in modern technology will be navigated along with the evolvement and landscape of the new generation's needs and requirements. We have the experience and trust of our clients, more than 100 organizations are working with us which include government organizations, startups, and private companies.


Proven Advantages, Modular Services

The idea of Containerizing applications must have crossed your mind. Because of course, it has its utmost advantages which include disaster recovery, built-in high availability, proactive security, and also the most efficient communication. It will run the applications in an isolated space. Containerizing your apps will eliminate the problems by bundling application code together with the related libraries and requirements of its run.

Benefits of containerization

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It will create an isolated workspace for the developers which will be consistent with the working environment including their dependencies. Container image defines the base dependencies, as what runs on a developer machine will also be running on a variety of production environments, as well it will be running in the same way as on the host. So, there will be less time in finding the problem and then fixing it and more time on improving the application in the best way possible.

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Security and Stability

Container technology will harden your application and will protect your user because a modern application uses modern methods and strategies to harden the security. Containers do isolate the resources which include some important parts such as CPU, memory, storage, and network resources between each container.

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Team Focus

Datumcon with containerization will allow different teams to work at the same time without getting in each other’s way. It will permit you to elaborate your infrastructure run on as a code, which means that more than the team will be working on the same task collaborate.

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Reduce Cost

Containerization of your applications requires initial investment which is often outweighed by the benefits of achieving it. Benefits are usually in the form of capital expenditures. Datumcon will help you in developing modern applications which will cut licensing costs in the early year of deployment.

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Modern applications are developed while keeping automation in mind. These applications will help you in the rapid response towards the speedy change of market dynamics and needs of the customers. Which will be from seamless integration with infrastructure to supporting CI/CD out of the box.

Microservice Architecture

With the new technologies and modern applications, user's experience and uptime have been improved and there is also a decrease in the capital expenditure technical debt. Datumcon will help you in modernizing your application into microservice by designing robust architectures to leverage the cloud.



The first step will be the assessment of your core team which will include your developers, architectures, and leadership team to make sure that moving on to microservice will be a good fit for your organization. After that plan will be prepared which will include the implementation and strategies to follow along with the technology recommendation.


Datumcon will help you in developing robust architecture which will improve user experience immensely and it will be fault-tolerant. We have helped clients from different sectors which include finance, gaming, e-commerce, scientific computing, higher education, and utility providers. These clients have been migrated to microservice on-premise, in the cloud, and also in a hybrid environment.



Datumcon will help you productize your application and everything that comes along the process. We will make the process easy by applying automation to both testing and customer deployments. It will improve the process in a great way. Customers will feel it easy to adapt your products on the premise, in the cloud, and also in the hybrid.

Container Orchestration

With the modernization, more and more organizations are adopting container technologies so that they can deliver their legacy and microservice application on both premises and a cloud.

“Orchestrator” helps you manage your container in a variety of ways in the presence of several options like, Kubernetes is the most popular option to be adopted and what Humanitec is built for. Kubernetes is key in bringing reliable automation. It provides the core benefits like consistency, scalability, and stability.

After assessing the requirements of the process, it ensures that the containers are running and restarting those which are crashed. It also increases the resources when the demand needs to be increased.

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Docker enables you to separately deal with your application from the infrastructure so that the work can be delivered quickly. It makes the process of managing, monitoring, and deploying your applications of physicals and virtual infrastructure easy to understand and work on. It also improves application density, stability, and uptime.

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The process of deploying a docker application with the help of Kubernetes enhances the built-in capabilities. Because Kubernetes provides high availability, zero downtown updates, and more to your containerization applications.

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Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise container platforms are founded everywhere, Datumcon will help with the selection of enterprise platforms that suits best your organization and meet your enterprise requirements. We have worked with many known companies and have helped them to build, configure and deploy enterprise platform container, which is from on-premise to a fully managed cloud environment.

Enterprise Assessment

An enterprise assessment will take place, which will help in determining the course of steps that will be required for the start-up, team, or enterprise, to make sure that the technology selected or adopted for the work align with the business goals of the company.

Datumcon will help in taking the jump to microservices, containers, and the latest cloud-native technology because it can be a daunting task for your organization.


Datumcon will help you in determining the proper modernization strategy which will help in your startup rapidly. It will also help accelerate feature development to help grow your customer base because startups are usually able to quickly adopt the new technologies and application paradigms.



We will help your team to develop a strategy so that it could become able to adopt new application paradigms which include microservices and containerization. Our main focus will be to determine that how the new technology will fit in the existing work and how it will improve the current process, we also put a plan together to help the organization consistently achieving its future goals.


We will work with your team of leaders, architects, and stakeholders to determine the proper process and method which aligns with the organization's method of working and business goals along with the use of new technology because a large organization requires a more depth process for suitable enterprise adoption.