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Data science is nowadays one of the hottest areas with increasing demands in the job market.

Python Programming Language

Python is undoubtedly the most popular programming language for data scientists considering its powerful set of packages for data analysis, data storage and processing, visualization, and built-in machine learning algorithms.

Introduction to Data Science

The training program “Python for Data Science” is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction for either beginners with basic programming background or more advanced developers who would like to step into the world of data science, scientific computing and analytics.

Basic Data Scientist Skills

At the end of this training course, you will have the required skills to go deeper into more technical data science areas and you will have the necessary background to study hot topics like deep learning and neural networks, and data analytics.


This section explains the basic content of each course.

Python for Data Science 101

Data Structures and Visualization

Python for Data Science 102

Machine Learning

Python for Data Science 103

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Basic Information

This training program opens new horizons for more general scientific computing required in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Business Analytics, Research and Development, Industrial Applications, Cyber-Security, and more.

  • Duration

    3 Basic Courses with 16 Hours per Course, for a total of 48 Hours.

  • Audience

    • Students or instructors willing to start their data science learning path
    • Beginner/advanced developers with an interest in data science
    • Employees in government, private, and industrial sector with an IT background
  • Prerequisites

    Anyone with some basic programming background can benefit from the training. The knowledge of Python is recommended but not necessary. A Crash course on Python will be provided to present the essential concepts.


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